Dog Daycare, Dog Walking, Dog Grooming,  Pet Sitting and Call ins. 

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Dog walking
Wags and Whiskers offers a dog walking service, where your dog gets walked with other dogs off the lead for around 40 minutes to 1 hour.
The dogs get picked up from your home between 9am-10am, they are walked in a safe environment away from livestock and roads And returned back to your home.
Most customers leave us with a key to their home which is all fully insured.
Limited space available

Call ins
We offer a 15 minute call in where we can feed cats, let dogs out or cater to another animal.

Dog grooming
Wags and whiskers has an on site dog grooming salon, we can offer wash and brush ups to full grooms. Prices start from £10

Pet Sitting

We offer overnight stays,  the dog comes to daycare during the weekdays then stay at our homes with whilst your away. Your dog attends daycare Monday to Friday  then sleeps at our homes at a evening, and snooze on the sofas.

Dogs must be well socialised, and go off the lead whilst out walk.

We cannot offer pet sitting if your dog has a anxiety problem.

£20 per 24 hrs

£35 for two dogs